Holidays in Gargazzone near Merano
Natural health and wellbeing in Gargazzone
Holidays in Gargazzone near Merano

Holidays in Gargazzone near Merano

Natural health and wellbeing in Gargazzone

Surrounded by apple orchards, the village of Gargazzone/Gargazon is set in the valley along the Aschlerbach stream to the south of the spa town of Merano/Meran. Life in this peaceful village has always been based around fruit farming, handicraft production and tourism.

An ideal starting point for numerous walks, hikes and cycling trips, Gargazzone is also an ideal point of departure for day trips by car or on a motorcycle. A waterfall plunges down the rocks behind the solitary Kröll tower overlooking Gargazzone.

Immersed in a variety of natural and architectural attractions, some of the hotels in Gargazzone are designed to have low environmental impact, and its restaurants are of a high standard. The only natural bathing pond in Western South Tyrol is located in Gargazzone, as well as the largest open-air playground in the region.
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Where tradition and modernity coexist in the village communities, where the innhabitants live in harmony with nature: that's where you'd wish to be.

We wish you a heartfelt welcome in the Alpine-Mediterranean district of Lana, wich attracts families, nature lovers, as well as hiking and mountain biking enthusiasts. Lana and its surrounding villages offer a high-quality lifestyle with a wide range of cultural and leisure activities that are just as popular with locals as they are with visitors.