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The "Kröllturmrunde"

... all around this is not difficult! Observation platform and rest areas make the newly designed path on Kröllturm varied and attractive.

Above Gargazon, the Kröll tower, which dates back to the Middle Ages, rises out of the forest. But the tower is not at the beginning of the way. From the village square in Gargazon, a guidance system guides hikers to the Kröllturmrunde, access and view to the waterfall included.

You should not have it in a hurry. Rather, the Kröllturmrunde is a pleasure hike for the whole family. Along the way there are rest areas, some with loungers, others with seating. They are called "Halfway", "Untermturm" and "Obernturm", also at the old quarry there are rest opportunities with beach chairs.

And after the hike? Nothing like in the water: best in the natural pool in Gargazzone, the only public natural bath in the west of South Tyrol, sustainably built, of course created and easily accessible, even by bike, bus and train.

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