Geocaching - The GPS Treasure Hunt

Geocaching (from "geo", the Greek for earth, and "cache" or "secret store") is a kind of electronic treasure hunt practiced the world over, which first came into being in 2004.

The basic idea is to communicate the location of new and interesting places, to foster group dynamics and the ability to get one's bearings, all whilst having fun.

Geocaches are also hidden in Merano and Environs and published on the internet using geographical data on the official geocaching database. With the help of a GPS receiver, anyone can go treasure hunting. Together with the MGM (Merano Marketing association), the Lana & Environs Tourist Information Association has also hidden geocaches under the  reference "eye-catcher".

But what is a geocache? A geocache is a water-tight container containing a logbook that is well hidden in an interesting place. Whoever finds it can enter their name in the logbook and so document their successful search.

Afterwards the container has to be put back in its hiding place! The successful hunt is entered on the internet and, perhaps, complemented with photos and comments. In this way other interested parties and above all the person who hid it can find out about what goes on with the geocache.

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