Gaul Canyon

The Gaul Canyon....craggy and beautiful

Bizarre rock formations, unique vegetation and the picturesque location at the foot of Castle Braunsberg make the Gola Canyon in Lana charming and unique.

Only a few minutes from the centre of Lana you feel like you are in a different world: the Gola Canyon directly at the foot of the hill on which Castle Braunsberg is towering.

Steep rocky slopes rise above the pebbly riverbed of the Falschauer. Between the cool rock walls the temperature stays fresh even at the height of summer. A number of different rock types come together here.

Between the quartz porphyry and the primary gneiss rocks there is also a thin layer of granite. Between the massive rocks the mountain stream runs untamed and only a slim strip of land passes over the river.

Already for some decades the easily accessible meadow at the centre of the Gola Canyon has been used as a venue for numerous events. The glade is used for summer feasts as well as an atmospheric backdrop for the Lana open-air theatre.

From the Gola Meadow the well secured path continues over a number of suspension bridges deeper into the rocky canyon passing by a roaring waterfall.

You can follow it either into the narrowing,wild and romantic canyon or up to Castle Braunsberg, where a lovely view over Lana awaits you.

Rough rock, dark caves, rope bridges and the rushing Valsura river make this walk an impressive adventure. In summer it is refreshingly cool here.
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