"Alpenrosenweg" on the Vigiljoch

Long mountain tour with botanical specialities along the foothills of the Ortler Alps and the Vigiljoch above Lana in the Meraner Land.

General description

Circular path, going from the mountain station of the cableway Vigiljoch or Aschbach. The trail leads to the St. Vigilius church, already existing and marked, to the Bärenbad Alm and further to the Naturnser soils (Rauher Bühel). The route continues into the Kirchbachtal to the Outer and Inner Falkomai Alm, from there to the "Three Lakes", Tablander Jöchl (2.500 m) and then on the Naturnser Nörderberg to the Tablander Alm, the Zetn Alm and then the Naturnser Alm. The other stations are Aschbach, Eggerhof (St. Martin) and finally back to the starting point via the Eggersteig.

Route description

With the cable car and the chair lift you reach an altitude of about 1800 meters. Then you ascend via path no. 4 almost to St. Vigilius-Kirchlein, where the actual "Alpenrosenweg" begins. At first the path bears the mark No. 30 and leads to a fork where you follow No. 9 in the direction of Hochwart. Gradually the terrain becomes more open and at the right time of year you cross huge flowering alpine rose fields. After about two hours of walking, in which you hike up and down into the valley, you reach a fork in the path. There you take the path in the direction of Stafler Alm (No. 1). This farmed alpine pasture (1885 m) lies somewhat below the Alpenrosenweg, which is why you cannot pass it directly. Always following the almost flat Alpenrosenweg (no. 1) in the direction of Außerfalkomai Alm, after about three and a half hours you reach a hut below the farmed Alm. There you leave the Alpenrosenweg and take path no. 3 which leads steeply down to a forest road, which you follow out of the valley towards Falkomai Kuhalm. Shortly before the farmed alp, path no. 3 descends in the direction of St. Pankraz. This almost always leads steeply down along the Kirchbach. Finally, after almost six hours you reach the village centre of St. Pankraz, where you return to the starting point by bus to Lana.

Description to arrive at destination

Merano - Lana - Vigiljoch cable car valley station


Cablecar Vigiljoch

Public transport

The Lana bus station is located in the immediate vicinity of the valley station. Take advantage of the cheap public transport and the good connections to the train stations of Marling, Meran or Lana/Burgstall. You can find current timetables at: www.suedtirolmobil.info


A little surefootedness. Trekking shoes are recommended. Elementary orientation skills.

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