Winery & wine sales Kränzelhof

Our efforts are focused on the strength and health of the grapes. We want to make wines full of character, individual and which are good for the connoisseur. We achieve this by using cellar technology sparingly, many years of experience and deliberately minimising grape harvests. Ultimately, our own senses of smell and taste decide what we offer our customers. We follow our work in the vineyard and cellar with the knowledge of the positive powers which are in a good authentic wine.

The range of 17 different wines, including award-winning wines such as "Dorado" and "Farnatzer", reflects the quality philosophy of our winery. As a member of the Association of South Tyrolean Quality Vineyards and the Association of Independent Winegrowers South Tyrol, we are convinced that great things can be achieved by working together.

Guided vine tours: 3 april 2024 - 7 november 2024
15:30 - 17:30
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