Bakery SCHMIEDL - s'Brezl

Schmidt becomes SCHMIEDL

Lana's village bakery is now called SCHMIEDL and is run by Johannes, Tobias and Greta. The young generation builds on over 100 years of experience and brings a fresh look and many new ideas to the bakery. SCHMIEDL relies on high-quality, natural ingredients, traditional craftsmanship and long dough processes. "Our most important ingredient is time," says master baker Johannes, "it makes our baked goods easy to digest and gives them their unique taste." Around 200 recipes are used in the SCHMIEDL bakery. A good portion of these are the carefully mixed pre-doughs, which together with the natural yeasts in the form of Lievito Madre and sourdough make the baked goods juicier, longer lasting and even tastier.

Opening hours: het hele jaar door
06:30 - 12:15
15:00 - 18:45
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