LanaLive - Preserving, changing and revising traditions

Diskussion - Kulinarik

Participating in the debate will be Roland Angerer, who played a key role in reviving the traditional Klosen parade in Stelvio; historian, archivist and vice-president of the Nativity of Mary festival committee Simon Terzer; and Judith Rubatscher, who has studied tradition and evolution in Hutterite songs through participant observation.

Hannes Egger will moderate.

Following this, artist Josef Rainer will present his project for LanaLive, with which he intends to artistically model and update the procession of the Nativity of Mary, which has taken place in summer at the Gaudibar since 1687.

Karin Kofler from Bauer am Stein, a farmer from the year 2023, will invite the audience to a themed lunch: in the inner courtyard of the library, she will serve bread soup with 'frigelen'.
(In German)
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