LanaLive - the culture festival in Lana

LanaLive: Changing traditions

In a time of constant change, LanaLive from 24 May to 2 June 2024 poses the question of the significance and development of traditions in our society.

Under the motto "Rethinking Rituals", LanaLive 2024 is dedicated to exploring and reflecting on traditional rituals. The festival invites you to discover new perspectives on customs and habits together with artists, scientists and representatives of traditional associations such as the Lana Citizens' Band.
In a time characterised by rapid social and technological progress, questions arise about the preservation and reorientation of traditions. LanaLive 2024 offers a space for reflection and discourse. A diverse programme of music, visual arts, performances, lectures and discussions will encourage participants to question the significance of rituals in today's society and explore possible future scenarios.
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