SummerCard 2024
SummerCard 2024
The SummerCard is available from 4th May 2024 from your Schnals Valley host and in the tourist office in Certosa at a price of € 15.00 per adult with the Südtirol Guest Pass Schnalstal 2024. For children/young people up to their 16th birthday the Junior SummerCard is on sale for € 10.00, children up to their 6th birthday go free. The SummerCard is valid until 6th October 2024.

The SummerCard includes the following services:
• Choose between a single ride with Lazaun Cable Car OR Roter Kofel Chairlift OR Unterstell Cable Car.
• Choose between a single ride with the mountaincarts at Lazaun OR a rental of a basic bike for one (1) day in Malles or Naturno.
• Participation in 4 guided hikes as per the weekly program with our hiking guide Richard
• Participation in the cultural tours of Certosa and Monte S. Caterina

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Choose between... one single ride on the Lazaun cable car or the Roter Kofel chairlift or the Unterstell cable car.

With the Lazaun cable car you can reach the Lazaun mountain station comfortably and safely in about 4 minutes. Arrived at 2,430 m altitude, you will be rewarded with a fantastic view of the Grawand summit (3,251 m) and the village of Maso Corto. Up here you will find a very special alpine flora and fauna, as the Lazaun plateau is characterized by the power of the glaciers and an upland moor. Use the ride with the Lazaun cable car for an easy hike or a stop at the Lazaun mountain hut.
If you are looking for more entertainment, you can rent e-mountain bikes or mountaincarts at Maso Corto, which will ensure an action-packed descent.

The Roter Kofel chairlift takes you in about 6 minutes directly to the Teufelsegg valley station at 2,543 metres altitude, the starting point of many beautiful hikes. The chairlift takes you past a small waterfall and offers glimpses of the Larix via ferrata and the parallel "Alpin Trail" hiking trail. Use the ride to start a high-alpine tour, take a leisurely round hike or return comfortably to the valley after a strenuous climb on the via ferrata. The Teufelsegg hut is also open this summer.

The Alta Via di Merano is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the entire Alpine region, along the Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park, a fascinating natural and cultural landscape. You can easily walk a part from Monte S. Caterina along the trail no. 24. passing old farms to the Unterstell Cable Car. The SummerCard is valid for a single one-way ticket of the cable car. Directly at the valley station of the cable car is the Naturno/Compaccio bus stop, from there you can take the return journey on the public bus to Schnalstal Valley. The hike is possible also from Unterstell to Monte S. Caterina.

Opening hours cable car Lazaun: from the 29th June 2024 until the 6th October 2024 | daily from 10.00 a.m. to 16.30 p.m.
Opening hours chair lift Roter Kofel: from the 29th June 2024 until the 6th October 2024 | daily from 10.00 a.m. to 16.30 p.m.
Kurzras - Maso Corto | T +39 0473 662 171 |

Opening hours cable car Unterstell: daily from 8 a. m. to 7 p. m.
Naturno | T +39 0473 668 418 |

Choose between one uphill or downhill ride.

Bike: A basic bike can be hired for a day at the Südtirol Rad centres in Malles/Mals or Naturno/Naturns. The bike can be returned at all locations.
Naturns/Naturno & Mals/Malles | +39 0473 201 500 |

In the summer months, Sportservice Erwin Stricker offers mountain cart rental. These can be rented at the mountain station of the Lazaun cable car. The desired optional ticket can be redeemed when it is issued at the Lazaun mountain station. The carts can be returned at the Lazaun valley station.
Opening hours: from 29 June 2024 - 6 October 2024 every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday (daily from 03.08.2024 - 18.08.2024)
Kurzras/Maso Corto | T +39 0473 662 112 | M +39 339 461 484 1
Discover the flora and fauna of the Schnalstal Valley on four guided hikes. Our certified hiking guide Richard accompanies you on our organised hikes and introduces you to the mountains of the Schnalstal Valley. The Summercard allows you to participate free of charge in four guided hikes chosen from our weekly programme, such as the hike to the Schnalstal Valley's Sonnenberg, the hike from Maso Corto to Hasenkofel and the Langgrub Valley to the Lazaun plateau or the hike along the „Via Monachorum“.

Monte S. Caterina:
After the tight canyon at the entrance to the valley, the valley widens and you will see the chapel of the village of Monte S. Caterina/Katharinaberg on your right. The chapel is like a signpost for the village. Once upon a time, this rocky hill was crowned with the castle of the „Lords of Schnals“, which gave the valley its name.

Certosa: Place of the Carthusian monks
Founded in 1326 by Carthusian monks, the Allerengelberg Monastery forms a dramatic backdrop to the picturesque village of Certosa/Karthaus in Schnalstal Valley.
The monks inhabited its walls in peace and seclusion for over 400 years. With the advent of secularization under Joseph II, the Carthusian abbey in the Schnalstal Valley was closed in 1782 and the buildings converted into living quarters. The former Carthusian abbey has remained intact and is open to visitors year round