Madonna di Senales/Unser Frau - Mouontain pasture Mastaun

General description

The mountain pasture Mastaun (open from the beginning of May to the end of October) is in the eponymous high mountain valley that branches off near Madonna di Senales/Unser Frau west of the Schnalstal Valley and extends up to a crown of 3000 m-peaks. A stream of crystal-clear water runs through the valley. The farmstead Mastaunhof, to which the mountain pasture belongs, was recorded in documents as early as 1356 and is one of the largest farms in the Schnalstal Valley. The pastures surrounding the mountain passture are unusually well-tended and simply magnificent. There are indications that many centuries ago the mountain pasture Mastaun was already in operation all year round.

Route description

Hotel/restaurant “Tonzhaus” is above the church in the village of Madonna di Senales/Unser Frau. To the right of the hotel and through an archway, the path leads to the edge of the forest and turns off. Trail no. 17 slopes upwards to the right into the forest and along a pleasant slope, and after about 30 minutes, reaches the proud farmstead Mastaunhof with its shingle roofs at the start of the Mastauntal Valley. Past the farm, the moderately steep trail (17A) that takes us to the mountain pasture Mastaun begins to the right of the stream. Here too, the flat, cleared valley floor is lined with mighty larch trees that are just as enchanting with their fresh green in spring as they are with their magnificent colours in the autumn.

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Naturno/Naturns - Schnalstal Valley - Madonna di Senales/Unser Frau

Parking area at Madonna di Senales near the museum archeoParc Senales, free, unguarded
Public transport

With the SAD bus nr. 261 to Madonna di Senales/Unser Frau (bus stop Raindl or Oberdorf)

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