Archaeological trail Vernago/Vernagt - Vent (A2)

General description

The archaeological trail rises from Vernago/Vernagt to Giogo Basso/Niederjoch with its spectacular views and on to Tisenjoch, a reminder of the discovery site of Ötzi the Iceman, crosses the border and continues on to the village of Vent (A).

Route description

From Vernago/Vernagt (1,711 m), the trail climbs first to Tisenhof farm (1,814 m) at the entrance of the eponymous, short steep valley. We follow the bubbly mountain stream and soon after passing a wayside shrine dedicated to St. Martin, the esteemed patron Saint of cattle, we arrive at a mound with stelae. A passageway winds in a spiral towards a small cell at the centre, in which a recess is evident. In the adjacent hollow, where silex was discovered, there is another circular and totally derelict stone structure which possibly served as a shelter for shepherds in former times. We carry on upwards to a steep and stony channel that ends in rock and stone, through which we continue to climb towards Giogo Basso/Niederjoch and the refugeSimilaun (3,019 m). The view from here to the summit, also called Similaun, and its glaciers is magnificent. After a short break to gather our strength, we continue our climb and soon reach Tisenjoch and the stony pyramide (3,210 m), a reminder of the discovery site of Ötzi, the ice mummy.

We now start the long descent to Vent. First of all, we come to the refugeMartin Busch (2,501 m), then continuing along a pleasant mule track we pass a hut (2,330 m) that is still used for shelter by shepherds when they are driving their flocks of sheep up to the summer pastures.

Shortly after this we arrive at Ochsenleger or a small chapel "Kaser".

Further down the mountain, we walk through a thick forest of mountain pines with an archaeological site (stela) that was only recently discovered. It is probably yet more proof of a pre-historic trail over the main Alpine ridge. The area is called Hohler Stein and creates a border between the pastures of the Schnals Valley and those of Vent.

It’s now not far to the village of Vent (1,896 m) which is considered to be the “mountain climbing village” of Tyrol. 


description to arrive at destination

Naturno/Naturns - Schnalstal Valley - Vernago/Vernagt

Parking places directly at the lake Vernago, free, unguarded
Public transport

With the SAD bus nr. 261 to Vernago/Vernagt (bus stop Vernago/Vernagt)

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