Settlement boundary on Fuchsberg mountain

General description

A hike with amazing views of probably the oldest meadows in South Tyrol

Section of the Archaeological Trail A 7 - The Archaeological Hiking Map with additional information is available free of charge at the archeoParc Schnalstal or at the Tourism Office Schnalstal Valley

Route description

Starting in Monte S. Caterina/Katharinaberg (1,245 m a.s.l), climb up towards the farmstead Unterperfl (1,417 m a.s.l) and then along the partially paved, marked pathway no. 10A up a steep slope to a fence. A few minutes after this, take the right-hand path at the first fork and continue on to the abandoned farmstead Hühnerspiel (1,906 m a.s.l). There is a small cup-shaped rock a bit further on. Go from there to mountain pasture Matzlaun, also abandoned (2,023 m a.s.l), and on to the mountain pasture Obermair (2,095 m a.s.l) which is set against an impressive natural landscape. Most of the ancient buildings that are part of this former homestead date back to the 14th Century and are some of the oldest meadows to be found in the Alps. Now, continue on up to mountain pasture Dick (2,060 m a.s.l), from there, go down to farmstead Dickhof (1,709 m a.s.l), which is visible from a distance. Coming back down (staying on marked path no. 10), passing a wonderful cup-marked rock, continue through the larch wood to farmstead Linthof (1,464 m a.s.l), a very popular mountain inn. A giant boulder here has a number of cup marks. Finally, the Merano High Mountain Trail (no. 24) will lead you back to Monte S. Caterina/Katharinaberg in about 1.5 hours.

Description to arrive at destination

Naturno/Naturns - Schnalstal Valley - Monte S. Caterina/Katharinaberg


parking places in the village near the bus stop, free, unguarded

Public transport

With the SAD bus line no. 261 to Monte S. Caterina/Katharinaberg

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