Adventure trail Pfossental Valley

General description

The heart of the Texelgruppe Nature Park is the largest side valley of the Schnalstal Valley and can only be reached by a single, partly steep road, passing ancient farms. From the paid parking lot at the Vorderkaserhof Inn you continue on foot.

Route description
Along the entire, easily accessible adventure trail from the Vorderkaser Inn to the Eishof Hut, the visitor learns many interesting and worthwhile facts about this unique natural and cultural landscape. With display boards and interactive elements, a wide variety of topics are presented. In addition to the special features regarding flora, fauna and geology, the visitor also learns a lot about the alpine pasture farming in this valley. Beginning with the Vorderkaser Inn, the history of the Pfossenental Valley is presented first. Not only the first board of the adventure trail offers an insight into cheese production, but also the show dairy at the Vorderkaser Inn. At the Mitterkaser Alm Hut, a simplified model of a butter tub invites you to turn, with the printed texts describing the Merano High Mountain Trail. Information on the reintroduction of stone deer can be obtained from the Rableid Alm Hut. The telescope set up there can be used to look out for the skilled climbers in the rock faces. At the Eishof Hut the special geological conditions are particularly fascinating. Stories and legends about the Schnalstal Valley and Pfossental Valley are the conclusion of the adventure trail.
Description to arrive at destination
Schnalstal Valley - Pfossental Valley - Voderkaserhof Inn
Vorderkaser Inn, to pay, unguarded.
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