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Experience unlimited freedom - surrounded by the majestic mountain Weißkugel and numerous others

Freeride means: unforgettable impressions and stunning emotions - pure adrenalin. Undergo with us the beauty of the Schnalstal mountains far away from the slopes.

Private lessons:

(at least 2 private lessons required)

from 9.00 am - 16.00 pm available

€ 47,00 per hour for 1 person 

€ 12,00 per hour for every additional person


( 3-6 people )

monday to friday from 10.00 am -13.00 pm

€ 253,00 per person (without equipment)

We equip you with the necessary material: 

ABS-backpack, shovel, probe, avalanche detector

€ 15,00 per person for 1 day 

€ 50,00 per person for 5 days

Due to the actual COVID-19 situation the skischool Schnalstal Valley reserves the right to change the rates, if necessary, at short notice!