Vernago/Vernagt in Schnalstal Valley
Vernago/Vernagt in Schnalstal Valley
On the east bank of the turquoise reservoir, at the back of the Schnalstal Valley, are a handful of houses and a church which form the hamlet of Vernago/Vernagt.

The original village was destroyed to make way for the construction of the reservoir in the 1950s. Even today, the tower of the former chapel protrudes from the lake in early spring.

In the idyllic village of Vernago/Vernagt, numerous hiking paths begin, leading through light forests up to the glacier, and passing centuries-old farms. An archaeological hiking trail runs along ancient places of worship to Oetzi’s place of discovery.

On this page, you will find an overview of available accommodation in the locality of Vernago/Vernagt, ranging from B & B’s and farm holidays to hotels or self-catering apartments. Everyone will be able to find its preferred means of accommodation in Vernago/Vernagt.
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