Vernagt reservoir

Idyllic hamlet on the lake

On the east bank of the turquoise reservoir, at the back of the Schnalstal Valley, are a handful of houses and a church which form the hamlet of Vernago/Vernagt.

The original village was destroyed to make way for the construction of the reservoir in the 1950s. Even today, the tower of the former chapel protrudes from the lake in early spring.

In the idyllic village of Vernago/Vernagt, numerous hiking paths begin, leading through light forests up to the glacier, and passing centuries-old farms. An archaeological hiking trail runs along ancient places of worship to Oetzi’s place of discovery.
Description to arrive at destination

Naturno/Naturns - Schnalstal Valley - Vernago/Vernagt

Public transport

With the bus nr. 261 to Vernago/Vernagt (bus stop Vernago/Vernagt)

Author's tip

Looped trail around Vernagt reservoir

The looped trail around the lake is well worth the effort because a pastoral pathway runs directly along the waterfront and is, of course, particularly beautiful from about mid-July when the reservoir is full. In the winter, water is released from the reservoir to generate electricity and, depending on the water level, the tower of the immersed church may be visible. There are some photos on display in the new main church in Vernagt of the flooded plain and farms.

Start and finish: village Vernago
Duration: 2 h
Length: 7 km

Parking places directly at the Vernago reservoir, free, unguarded
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