Other natural landmarks
Charming gems in Tisens
Other natural landmarks
The charming beauty of Tesimo-Prissiano also shows in the many small natural oasis that surround the settlement area. Gentle hills, meadows and forests and above all the numerous biotopes appeal to all those people who want to consciously experience the nature and landscape on gentle hiking trails. Discover places full of magic and hidden beauty, such as the Hippolyt-hill with its places of spiritual energy and Narano/Naraun pond, the natural oasis beneath.
The "Vorbichl"
The so-called "Vorbichl" extends for about 2 km on the eastern edge of the "Tisner Mittelgebirge" and forms with its steeply sloping rock wall a natural ...
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Pond "Narauner Weiher"
From Narano en route to St. Hippolyt, the Narauner Weiher pond is located in a small clearing at the foot of a climbing wall and prehistoric cult site. The ...
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