Holidays in Tesimo - Prissiano

Castle villages on the sunny slopes south of Merano

Tesimo/Tisens and Prissiano/Prissian is set in a unique location on top of a sunny hill to the south of the spa town of Merano/Meran. At one time, the aristocracy and wealthy landowners visited the villages for summer relaxation and hiking. As a result there are many castles and summer residences here, as well as mountain churches and chapels dating to previous times.

Surrounded by vineyards, fruit and chestnut groves, unique natural sites can be explored in Tesimo/Tisens, Prissiano/Prissian, Grissiano/Grissian, Narano/Naraun, Caprile/Gfrill and Plazzoles/Platzers. There are adventure hiking trails and walks to historic mountain churches such as St. Jakob or St Hippolyt, with unique views of the Dolomites. The two main towns of the area, Merano/Meran and Bolzano/Bozen, are both in view and can be reached quickly within a 20 minutes’ drive.

On the northern slope of Katzenzungen Castle grows the largest and possibly oldest vine in the world, the Versoaln vine, the wine of which can be tasted on site. And in autumn, Tesimo and Prissiano and the only female Michelin-star chef in South Tyrol, Anna Matscher, invite visitors to the Keschtnriggl chestnut festival, a culinary festival in honor of the Tesimo chestnut.
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Feriengebiet Tisens-Prissian in Südtirol 3 days ago Feriengebiet Tisens-Prissian in Südtirol

Wisst ihr was das Pfarrhaus und das heutige Rathaus in Tisens gemeinsam haben?
Beide Ansitze sind von den Herrn von Frankenberg im 17. Jh. errichtet bzw. umgebaut worden. Dies ist gut an den Wappen der noblen Familie über dem jeweiligen Eingangsportal zu erkennen. Es zeigt zwei Rosen und zwei Bären. Dieses Wappen ist seit 1966 das offizielle Gemeindewappen von Tisens.

Durch das schöne Portal an der Ostseite des Rathaus gelangt ihr heutzutage übrigens direkt ins Tourismusbüro von Tisens. Wir sind immer von Montag-Freitag von 9-12.00 Uhr und in Prissian am Montag von 9.00-12.00 Uhr und Montag-Freitag von 14.00-17.00 Uhr für euch da. Wir freuen uns auf euren Besuch!

Sapete cosa hanno in comune la canonica e l'attuale municipio di Tesimo?
Entrambe le residenze furono costruite o ricostruite dai nobili "von Frankenberg" nel XVII secolo. Questo può essere visto chiaramente nello stemma della famiglia sopra il rispettivo portale d'ingresso. Mostra due rose e due orsi. Questo stemma è lo stemma comunale ufficiale di Tesimo dal 1966.

Il bel portale sul lato est del municipio conduce direttamente all'ufficio turistico di Tesimo. Siamo sempre a vostra disposizione dal lunedì al venerdì dalle 9-12.00 e a Prissiano il lunedì dalle 9.00-12.00 e dal lunedì al venerdì dalle 14.00-17.00. Aspettiamo con ansia la vostra visita!

Feriengebiet Tisens-Prissian in Südtirol 8 days ago Feriengebiet Tisens-Prissian in Südtirol

Kürzlich war RAI Südtirol zu Gast in Gfrill und hat ein wunderschönes Portrait dieses Dorfes und seiner Bewohner angefertigt. 🎥❤
Zu sehen ist es hier:

tisens.prissian 14 days ago tisens.prissian

The farmer's rule for today, 8 September - Mary's birth, is: The way the weather is today, it will stay like this for 4 weeks. So we believe it's going to be a fantastic autumn 😉🌞🍂

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tisens.prissian 23 days ago tisens.prissian

Wine or beer? What would you like after a hike in the mountains around Tisens-Prissian? 🥾🏔🍷🍺

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