Holidays in Tesimo - Prissiano

Castle villages on the sunny slopes south of Merano

Tesimo/Tisens and Prissiano/Prissian is set in a unique location on top of a sunny hill to the south of the spa town of Merano/Meran. At one time, the aristocracy and wealthy landowners visited the villages for summer relaxation and hiking. As a result there are many castles and summer residences here, as well as mountain churches and chapels dating to previous times.

Surrounded by vineyards, fruit and chestnut groves, unique natural sites can be explored in Tesimo/Tisens, Prissiano/Prissian, Grissiano/Grissian, Narano/Naraun, Caprile/Gfrill and Plazzoles/Platzers. There are adventure hiking trails and walks to historic mountain churches such as St. Jakob or St Hippolyt, with unique views of the Dolomites. The two main towns of the area, Merano/Meran and Bolzano/Bozen, are both in view and can be reached quickly within a 20 minutes’ drive.

On the northern slope of Katzenzungen Castle grows the largest and possibly oldest vine in the world, the Versoaln vine, the wine of which can be tasted on site. And in autumn, Tesimo and Prissiano and the only female Michelin-star chef in South Tyrol, Anna Matscher, invite visitors to the Keschtnriggl chestnut festival, a culinary festival in honor of the Tesimo chestnut.
Fancy some relaxation in a breathtaking landscape?
Then welcome to Tisens-Prissian!
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When the sun rises over Gfrill/Caprile! 😍☀

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📷 René Gamper

Feriengebiet Tisens-Prissian in Südtirol Yesterday Feriengebiet Tisens-Prissian in Südtirol

Die Tage werden Kürzer und die Gfrillner Laugenalm verabschiedet sich in die Winterpause.
Wir freuen uns schon auf ein Wiedersehen 2024

Feriengebiet Tisens-Prissian in Südtirol 7 days ago Feriengebiet Tisens-Prissian in Südtirol

Gestern wurde die größte und wohl auch älteste Rebe der Welt, die Versoaln-Rebe in Prissian, gelesen. Trotz Hagel konnte wieder eine beachtliche Menge an Trauben geerntet werden, die wie im Vorjahr zu Sekt verarbeitet werden. Wir sind schon sehr gespannt auf den heurigen Jahrgang!
Castel Katzenzungen Landesweingut Laimburg • Cantina Laimburg

Der Wanderweg Nr 17, der unter der Rebe hindurch führt, ist nun wieder begehbar.

📷 Versuchszentrum Laimburg

Feriengebiet Tisens-Prissian in Südtirol 10 days ago Feriengebiet Tisens-Prissian in Südtirol

Prissianer Weingenuss und Prissianer Markt diesen Sonntag, 24.09.2023 von 10-18 Uhr in Prissian am Weingut Großkemat, Bio-Weingut Irmgard Windegger und Esserhof.

Feriengebiet Tisens-Prissian in Südtirol 10 days ago Feriengebiet Tisens-Prissian in Südtirol

Das war die Genusswanderung vom 15.09.2023 mit gutem Wein, schmackhaften Speisen und tollen Gästen! Danke fürs dabei sein!
Diese und weitere Veranstaltungen findet ihr auf

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away! 🍎🍏😁
South Tyrol is in the middle of the apple harvest. With around 18,500 hectares of cultivated land, South Tyrol is also the largest contiguous apple-growing area in the European Union. Approximately 1 million apples are harvested in a year and exported to over 50 countries around the world.
Did you know that more than 30 different apple varieties are grown in South Tyrol? Today, apple varieties that are tasty, have a good storage life and are resistant to diseases are particularly in demand. What is your favourite apple variety?

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📷 René Gamper, Frieder Blickle

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