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Visit and be amazed
In the past, the villages of Tesimo/Tisens, Caprile/Gfrill, Narano/Naraun, Plazzoles/Platzers, Grissiano/Grissian and the castle village of Prissiano/Prissian were popular holiday destinations for the aristocracy and landowners. As a result, the area displays plenty of castles and noble villas surrounded by vineyards and chestnut groves. Many castles are still actively used today, such as Katzenzungen Castle, the home of the famous Versoaln vine.
Around Tesimo - Prissiano there are also several impressive churches, mountain churches and chapels, including S. Christofo and S. Ippolito, S. Giacomo in Grissiano and S. Apollonia in nearby Sirmiano/Sirmian, but also museums and historic cultural sites. The South Tyrol Classic vintage car rallye runs through the narrow historic centres of Tesimo and Prissiano.
Also worth a visit is the Rainguthof wildlife park, an open-air area impressively designed for both children and adults, with lots of well-known and rare animals.
The Kneipp Wellness Facility in the heart of Prissian is a popular destination for those looking for balance and relaxation.