Tappeinerweg Trail

General description

 The Tappeinerweg Trail runs above the city from east to west. In addition to excellent sunlight, the path offers sweeping views of the town below, the Merano Valley Basin and down into the Adige Valley.

Franz Tappeiner, a doctor and medical researcher from Val Venosta who was a passionate proponent of tourism in Merano, created the promenade and donated it to the city. The four-kilometre-long path splits off from the Gilf Promenade and follows the curve of Monte Benedetto until it reaches Quarazze. In addition to typical local vegetation, cork oak, eucalyptus, lotus, pine, various species of palms including Chinese palms, bamboo, cactus, agave, magnolias and olive trees are planted along the path.

There are numerous access points from the town centre:
• the steps leading up from behind the Duomo (main cathedral) along the road that leads to Dorf Tyrol
• from Via Galilei near the chairlift to Dorf Tyrol
• near the Silvana hill on Via Verdi - CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE
• from the Gilf-Promenade past the Gunppowder Tower
• on the orographic right side of the Ponte Romano

Various inns and restaurants along the path. 

Please note that the Tappeinerweg is exclusively a pedestrian zone. Riding bicycles or other vehicles is prohibited.

Route description
The Tappeinerweg is basically accessible and therefore well suited for wheelchairs and pushchairs, although it is paved with gravel. The best access point for families with pushchairs or wheelchair users is from Gratsch, as the entrance is level. Alternatively, you can also start from the Galileistraße or the Gilfpromenade, although these two paths have a difference in altitude of around 60 metres. Thorough planning is therefore advisable. This tour is also suitable for older people and families with children. There are various benches along the way where you can take a break.

Please note: There are no public toilets along the Tappeinerweg trail. However, you can stop off at the various restaurants and cafés. Please enquire in advance about their opening hours.
Access to the Tappeiner Promenade from the Schlehdorfweg/Salita Silvana and the public toilets on the Tappeiner Promenade are closed until further notice.
There are reserved parking spaces for people with disabilities in Galileistraße. Please note that this is a traffic-calmed zone. Entry to this zone is only permitted if you have deposited your disabled parking permit and your car's licence plate number with the city council Gemeinde Meran in advance. In addition, one reserved parking space is also available in Laurinstraße at the entrance to Tappeinerweg.

Bicycle parking spaces are located in Freiheitsstraße at the junction with Sparkassenstraße and in Galileistraße in front of the town hall. Take care not to park bicycles and e-rollers carelessly. They can pose a danger to blind and visually impaired people as they create obstacles to safely walking along paths and finding entrances. People in wheelchairs and parents with pushchairs can also be hindered by carelessly parked bicycles. Please use the bicycle parking spaces provided. 
Please note: Sparkassenstraße and Galileistraße up to the Princes Castle are exclusively pedestrian zones from 10 am to 6.30 pm - bicycles must be pushed. 

Public transport
We recommend travelling by public transport. You can reach the starting point in Gratsch on bus route 236, which departs from both the train station and Rennweg in the town centre. Get off at the ‘Tappeinerweg’ stop. The other entrances are in the pedestrian zone. From the train station, it is best to take one of the city lines 1, 4 or 5 to the ‘Meran, Theaterplatz’ stop and then continue on foot.
Safety instructions
It's advisable to avoid the Tappeinerweg trail during heavy storms or thunderstorms for safety reasons.
We recommend comfortable shoes and a reusable water bottle, which can be refilled at the fountains along the way. Water flows in the drinking fountains from spring to autumn. Depending on the weather and temperatures, the fountains are in operation from the beginning/middle of April to the middle/end of October.
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