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House Museum Villa Freischütz

What was life for Franz Fromm, a merchant and collector, and his family in Merano like? How did they experience the turbulent years from 1921 to 1941? How did family members and employees live together in the typical spa town villa? What did the arts and crafts collection mean to them?

Come to our house museum and find out! Welcome to Villa Freischütz!

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How to get there:
By car: Please use the private road and entrance via Schönblickstraße 8.
By bike/on foot: You can also access the museum via Priamiweg 7.
By bus: Take bus no. 1/1A/1B from Merano Central Station, direction Meran 2000/Botanischer Garten Trauttmansdorff, to ‘Brunnenplatz’ (access museum via Priamiweg). Or bus no. 3, direction Vergilstraße, to ‘Kindergarten Obermais’ (access museum via Schönblickstraße).

Villa Freischütz is fully accessible. A lift leads to both museum floors.

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