Academy of German-Italian Studies - Villa San Marco

PLEASE NOTE that due to the measures introduced by provincial governor Arno Kompatscher on October 30, 2020, all cultural facilities and museums will remain closed to the public until further notice.

The Academy of German-Italian Studies, founded in 1959 as German-Italian Cultural Institute, is a non-profit association, whose aim is to foster the cultural and scientific exchange between the German speaking and the Italian speaking world.

The Academy organises international conferences, symposia, research and doctoral colloquia, as well as lectures, readings, exhibitions and concerts. It carries out in-house research through its research centres and through collaborative projects with other institutions. Cooperation agreements have been signed with several universities and research centers in Italy, Germany, and Austria.

Traditionally, the Academy’s focus lies in the field of humanities; however, topics pertaining to the social sciences, law and natural sciences are also dealt with. The proceedings of conferences and symposia are published by the Academy itself or by other international scientific publishers.

The Academy does not support any political, religious or ideological direction. It is housed in magnificent Villa San Marco, a stately building erected in 1895.
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