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Circular hike along the Merano High Mountain Trail

The Merano High Mountain Trail, considered one of the most beautiful hikes in the entire Alpine region, is an approx. 100-km circular hike. It can be circumnavigated in both directions in five to eight daily stages.
The Merano High Mountain Trail is divided into a northern and a southern part. Extending along route 24 at a relatively constant altitude, the trail surrounds the Texelgruppe Nature Park. The northern part features the high mountain climate typical of the Texelgruppe range while the southern part boasts a sub-Mediterranean climate with characteristically lush flora. In particular, the southern part features fantastic views of the city of Meran and the Etschtal and Vinschgau valleys.
The lowest point of the trail is 839 m elevation while the highest section extends to nearly 3,000 m. Hikers along this route can ascend and descend to and from the Etschtal, Passeiertal and Schnalstal valleys. Additionally, there are numerous overnight accommodation options along the trail that make it possible to hike only individual stages or to tailor the route to personal preferences. The trail demands both sure-footedness and alpine experience and the exposed areas are always secured with chains or ropes.
Possible start and finish points: Katharinaberg, Unterstell, Hochmuth, Ulfas, Vellau, Giggelberg, Pfossental, Christl, Matatz
Duration: 5-8 days
Length: approx. 100 km
Total difference in altitude: 5,100 m
Lowest point: 839 m
Highest point: 2,895 m
Level of difficulty: for experienced mountain hikers
Best period: from July to September
Information about possible closed trails on maps.merano-suedtirol.it
General information: www.meranerhoehenweg.com

The total length of the Merano High Mountain Trail is approx. 100 km. It can be circumnavigated in five to eight daily stages.


  1. Suggested stage: from Hochmuth (Dorf Tirol/Tirolo) to Giggelberg (Partschins/Parcines)

This mountain trail is moderately difficult; some portions of the trail are secured with steps and ropes.

Route length: 13.4 km Metres of ascent: 731 m Metres of descent: 542 m


  1. Suggested stage: from Giggelberg (Partschins/Parcines) to Katharinaberg (Schnalstal valley)

Partly exposed mountain trail; sections are additionally secured. Highlight: Gorge with 1000 steps.

Route length: 14.2 km Metres of ascent: 569 m Metres of descent: 894 m


  1. Suggested stage: from Katharinaberg (Schnalstal valley) to Eishöfen (Schnalstal valley)

Moderately difficult Alpine tour through the Pfossental valley to the Eishöfen area in the Schnalstal valley. Highlight: chamois and golden eagle. View of the peaks of the Hohe Weiße and Hohe Wilde mountains.

Route length: 12.6 km Metres of ascent: 954 m Metres of descent: 123 m


  1. Suggested stage: From the Eishof (Schnalstal valley) to Pfelders/Plan (Passeiertal valley)

The most amazing stage of the Merano High Mountain Trail. Steady ascent, high Alpine terrain (some snowfields possible). Highlight: The trail leads through the high mountains to staffed mountain huts and Alpine pastures.

Route length: 17.1 km Metres of ascent: 826 m Metres of descent: 1264 m


  1. Suggested stage: from Pfelders/Plan (Passeiertal valley) to Matatz/Montaccio (Passeiertal valley)

Tranquil forests, clearings, meadows and mountain farms. Partly paved roads with access to the farms.

Route length: 18 km Metres of ascent: 314 m Metres of descent: 894 m


  1. Suggested stage: From Matatz/Montaccio (Passeiertal valley) to Hochmuth (Dorf Tirol/Tirolo)

Pass by the lowest point of the Merano High Mountain Trail in the Kalmbachtal valley at 820 m. Highlight: Scenic views of the spa town of Meran/Merano.

Route length: 18.4 km Metres of ascent: 1240 m Metres of descent: 934 m

The following places allow hikers to ascend and join the Merano High Mountain Trail: Dorf Tirol, Algund, Partschins, Naturns, Katharinaberg in the Schnalstal valley, St. Leonhard in the Passeiertal valley.


Possible ascents and parking areas: Meran/Merano → Dorf Tirol/Tirolo → Hochmuth cable car → Hochmuth Parking area at the valley station of the Hochmuth cable car; pay & display, (4 - 7€/day) unguarded

Algund/Lagundo → Algund-Vellau chairlift → Leiteralm chairlift Parking area at the valley and mountain stations of the Vellau chairlift; free of charge, unguarded

Partschins/Parcines → Texelbahn-Giggelberg Parking area at the valley station of the Texelbahn cable car; free of charge, unguarded

Naturns/Naturno → Unterstell cable car Parking area by the Unterstell cable car, valley station; free of charge, unguarded

Naturns/Naturno → Schnalstal valley → Katharinaberg (public bus) Parking area in the centre of Katharinaberg; free of charge, unguarded

Naturns/Naturno → Schnalstal valley → Pfossental valley Parking at the Gasthof Jägerrast inn (Pfossental valley; subject to a charge (one-time fee of €2.80), guarded by the farm owner Farm owner

St. Leonhard/San Leonardo → Pfelders/Plan (public bus) Parking area in Pfelders pay and display (6€/day) and Ulfas; free of charge, unguarded

St. Leonhard/San Leonardo → Christl or Matatz

- closed the section between Montfert e Monte S. Catarina with sign-posted detour
- closed the section between Vernurio e "Gasthof Bergrast" with sign-posted detour

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