7 Things You Should Definitely do at the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle
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7 Things You Should Definitely do at the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle
A pinch of gold for the nose
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A pinch of gold for the nose
Longing for the mountains
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Longing for the mountains
Enjoy Your meal!
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Enjoy Your meal!

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Merano and Environs in South Tyrol

The spa town of Merano lies in the heart of the region of South Tyrol on the southern side of the Alps. Due to its location, this multicultural city is considered as the gateway to the south of Europe, as well as a meeting place between different cultures.

Merano and its surrounding towns and valleys benefit in many ways from their favorable location. The Merano basin offers a mild climate year round, creating a unique atmosphere where Mediterranean gardens in full bloom sit beneath snow-covered Alpine peaks. This mixture of Germanic and Italian culture has also led to a specific local cuisine characterized by both Mediterranean and Alpine traditions.

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meetmerano 21 hours ago meetmerano

☀️ #raysoflight 💓 What makes our hearts beat? What makes us smile? We are showing you our rays of light, looking forward to enjoying them together again. Today the rays of light by @passeiertal_valpassiria

#lichtblicke #momentidiluce #raysoflight

It’s almost time: to go for a change of perspective. To rise above – and look down on a sea of clouds. To go back to the MOUNTAINS! Where is your first hike going to take you? Share it in the comments!

#meetmerano #meranoedintorni #meraneland #passeiertal #valpassiria #suedtirol #altoadige #springvibes #endlichfrühling #frühling #primavera #berge #mountainday #alleswaswirlieben #quellocheamo #everythingwelove
📷 Benjamin Pfitscher

Merano e dintorni - Meraner Land Yesterday Merano e dintorni - Meraner Land

Mit seinen sonnenverwöhnten Weinbergen, seiner magischen Atmosphäre und seinem unverwechselbaren spitzen Glockenturm bietet uns das kleine Dorf Algund unbeschwerte #Lichtblicke ☀️☀️☀️

📷 Hannes Niederkofler

Merano e dintorni - Meraner Land 3 days ago Merano e dintorni - Meraner Land

Die Tour of the Alps findet auch dieses Jahr statt und ist gestern in Südtirol gestartet!

🚴 Etappe 3 Imst (A) - Naturns I Naturno 21. April
🚴 Etappe 4 Naturns - Valle del Chiese 22. April

Eine spektakuläre Tour, die ihr auf Eurosport und Raisport oder im Live-Streaming verfolgen könnt. http://link.suedtirol.info/tour_of_the_alps_de

Merano e dintorni - Meraner Land 3 days ago Merano e dintorni - Meraner Land

Il Tour of the Alps non si ferma e ieri é partito dall'Alto Adige:

🚴 tappa 3 Imst (A) - Naturns I Naturno 21 aprile
🚴 tappa 4 Naturno - Valle del Chiese 22 aprile

Un tour spettacolare da seguire su Eurosport e Raisport, oppure in live streaming. http://link.suedtirol.info/tour_of_the_alps

meetmerano 3 days ago meetmerano

Are you ready for the @tourof_thealps? Yesterday the cyclists started from Brixen/Bressanone and on Wednesday, 21st of April, they will ride through the Vinschgau valley to @naturns_naturno. And on Thursday, 22nd of April, from Naturns to Del Chiese Valley. A spectacular tour to follow on Eurosport, ORF and Raisport or in live streaming 🚴
#meetmerano #meranoedintorni #meranerland #suedtirol #altoadige #naturns #naturno #tota #tourofthealps #tourofthealps2021 #cycling #radsport #alleswaswirlieben #quellocheamo #everythingwelove #lichtblicke #momentidiluce #raysoflight
📸Giacomo Podetti

Merano e dintorni - Meraner Land 4 days ago Merano e dintorni - Meraner Land

🌸☀ Geliebt von Kaiserin Sissi, gefeiert von Franz Kafka, zeigt sie ihre ganze Schönheit beim Blick auf die Passer. Von welcher Stadt sprechen wir?

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