Lana - Völlan - St. Hippolyt

A moderately difficult hike from Lana via Völlan to the Völlaner Badl up to the St. Hippolyt-Hill at the foothills of the Nonsberggruppe

General description
From the Brandiswaalweg in Lana you walk to the direction to Völlan to the centre of the village. From there you continue to the Völlaner Badl, further on to the Wittmer-Hof and Obermayrhof farms, which lie at the foot of the St. Hippolyt-Hill. To reach the unique vantage point and the Romanesque church, the last few metres are a somewhat strenuous and steep hike up the hill.
Route description

From the Brandis Waalweg in Oberlana take trail no. 1 a (above the Church of St. Margarethen) or from the Brandis Waalweg in Niederlana take trail no. 1 (above the Museum of Fruit Cultivation) towards Foiana, along Brünnlerweg through deciduous woodland and fruit plantations past the Aicholz and Mair am Gatter farms. Starting from the center of the village of Foiana the route continues towards Badlweg (access behind Foiana Farming Museum) along the shady forest trail no. 10 to the Völlaner Badl hotel.

The route runs downhill to the Wittmer Hof farm and then continues down the slope to the Obermayrhof farm, then along trail no. 8 a to the foot of St. Hippolyt hill with wonderful views of the Narauner Weiher pond. To reach the unique viewing point and the Romanesque church we have to overcome a somewhat strenuous last few meters, as the trail is rather rugged and steep. The return journey is via trail no. 8 past the Talmühle café to Foiana. Bus route no. 214 runs approx. every hour from Foiana to Lana.

Description to arrive at destination

From Merano direction Lana to the centre of Lana

The section from Völlan in front of the Völlaner Badl is currently closed! Diversions via the Jausenstation Talmühle.

Several parking possibilities in Lana

Public transport

Bus line 211 (Lana-Meran), Bus line 214 (Lana-Völlan), Bus line 215 (Citybus Lana), Bus line 218 (Lanabus), Bus line 245 (Meran-Lana-Ulten), Bus line 246 (Meran-Lana-Gampenpass)
You can find current timetables at:


A little surefootedness. Trekking shoes are recommended. Elementary orientation skills.

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