Ultner Brot - Vollwert Brot & Feinbäckerei

Ultner Bread is a pleasure without remorse, crispy and tasty it complements our daily food offer.

We bake with passion according to the craftsmanship tradition
Building on the knowledge of our ancestors, we use the latest knowledge to bake the best in the most natural way. For generations, the breeding of one's own natural sourdough without any additives has been paramount. Our grain "Everything stays in it" - Organic & Whole Value Guarantee.

Best quality starts with the selection of ingredients!
We grind the best organic grain just before baking in our own stone mill. We don't take anything away and we don't add anything.

All valuable grain salizes are preserved - special water - crystal salt

Opening hours: het hele jaar door
06:30 - 12:30
06:30 - 19:00
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