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Typical Deutschnonsberg delicacies include risotto with radicchio, mortandela sausage and herb dumplings
Locally-sourced ingredients are used at restaurants and inns
Traditional Tyrolean dishes are served in the Italian restaurants and South Tyrolean mountain huts

Food and Wine in the Deutschnonsberg Area

Regional food products at the crossroads between South Tyrol and Trentino region

Farmers and chefs skillfully transform local ingredients into a rich array of sophisticated delicacies.

Historically, the Alta Val di Non/Deutschnonsberg area was a land of poor farmers who lived on a potato-based diet. Due to the numerous wayfarers and pilgrims who frequently passed through the area, a local culinary tradition gradually developed in the valley inns and taverns. Today, this rich legacy continues to flourish in the restaurants and taverns in Deutschnonsberg.

Farmers and chefs skillfully transform local ingredients into a rich array of sophisticated delicacies. The local LaugenRind beef and lamb varieties, herbs, poppy seeds and Trentingrana cheese form the basis of the most popular dishes. There are well-publicized food fairs dedicated to the dandelion and radicchio, which grow in ideal conditions beneath the Laugen summit.


Long known for its medicinal properties, the dandelion also has a wonderful taste. It thrives in the ideal conditions of the Deutschnonsberg area, and...


The altitude and climate of the Deutschnonsberg region are ideal for growing Treviso radicchio, which has been cultivated here for many years.


Der Trentingrana zeichnet sich durch die strengen Qualitätsrichtlinien aus und zählt somit heute zu einem der besten Grana-Käse in ganz Italien.


The local inns and restaurants of the Deutschnonsberg area offer many surprising interpretations of traditional local dishes, Italian classics and South...


Die Erzeugnisse des Deutschnonsbergs können in den Genossenschaften und Käsereien, aber auch direkt bei den Produzenten am Hof verkostet und gekauft...


Surrounded by the Laugen mountain and the Mendelkamm ridge, the Deutschnonsberg is situated in a particularly interesting area.