Bed & Breakfast Vacations in Tirolo

Bed & Breakfast – a friendly and cheaper alternative to hotels

It doesn’t always have to be a traditional hotel. Sometimes a little less will be just as good. Although in this case “less” is not quite true. In Tirolo there is an excellent selection of bed & breakfast accommodation, and charming garnis and garni hotels. Informal, value-for-money, simple and good: it’s not just families with children, but others, too, who value the benefits of the bed & breakfast and garni establishments in Tirolo. Those who like to holiday in an informal atmosphere will love staying in a bed & breakfast or garni. Simple but comfortable rooms, homemade breakfast, a chat with the host, insider tips straight from the horse’s mouth. And for that extra slice of comfort: garni hotels (which provide bed & breakfast only) also offer some of the amenities of a hotel with a small pool or garden, peaceful location and wonderful views of the mountains.