Frequent questions and answers about Tirolo


Frequent questions and answers about Tirolo

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are a list of the most common questions visitors ask when planning holidays in Tirolo. Questions and answers can be found in this section.
Can I take my dog hiking with me?
Dogs may accompany you on all hikes; they should, however, be kept on a leash out of consideration for the other animals. This is, in fact, the law.
Where can I buy a bus ticket?
Individual tickets can be purchased on the bus. The MobilCards are available at the tourist office.
What kind of bus tickets can be used for different types of journeys?
- Weekly card BusCard Merano & surroundings: Scena, Merano, Avelengo, Verano, San Genesio Atesino, Tirolo, Rifiano, Passeier Valley, Lana, Ulten Valley, Foiana, Fondo, Marlengo, Lagundo, Parcines, Naturno and Schnals valley. In addition all city lines inside Merano
- Mobilcard South Tyrol: all public transport in South Tyrol
What is the price for a bus ticket?
- One-way ticket to Merano € 1.50
- Mobilcard South Tyrol for 1 day: € 20 for adults / € 10 for children (from the age of 6 to under 14 years)
- Mobilcard South Tyrol for 3 days: € 30 for adults / € 15 for children (from the age of 6 to under 14 years)
- Mobilcard South Tyrol for 7 days: € 45 for adults / € 22.50 for children (from the age of 6 to under 14 years)
How do I get to Tirolo (Dorf Tirol)?
The number 221 bus runs up to Tirolo from the Merano Train Station and from along Via delle Corse (Rennweg) Road. There is also a chairlift that goes from the centre of Merano up to the outskirts of the village of Tirolo.
When does the apple harvest start?
The first varieties such as Gala are harvested from mid-August. In September and October there is the most intensive activity of the apple harvest. The late variety Pink Lady is harvested up to early November.
Local Tax: when it was introduced and for what it will be used?
In 2014 a local tax was introduced in South Tyrol. The revenue from this tax will be used for the expansion and maintenance of local infrastructure and services, as well as for the organization of various cultural and sports events.
The local tax will be levied at all lodging establishments, on a per-guest and per-overnight-stay basis. The amount is contingent upon the category of the establishment. Children and adolescents under 14 years of age are exempt from levy.
The local tax is payable upon departure and is listed separately on the invoice.
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