Unterstell Naturno/Naturns - Mountainhut Vorderkaser

General description

The entire Merano High Mountain Trail (no. 24), one of the most stunning trails in the entire Alpine region, is 100 km in length, requires four to six days of hiking and is accessible from the beginning of July to the end of September (depending on the snow situation). At a relatively consistent altitude, this trail connects, to an extent, the high mountain climate of the Texel Group and the sub-Mediterranean climate of the Etschtal Valley. The hike through the various segments gives us a good insight into the world of the mountain farmers who worked to create and maintain this mountain and cultural landscape over the centuries.

Route description

It is easy to get to this point thanks to the cable car from Naturno/Naturno to Unterstell. It goes directly from Naturno/Naturns to Unterstell farm and from there it’s only a few minutes’ walk to the Merano High Mountain Trail. Passing through Patleid-Hof farm, we walk on up to Linthof farm (no. 10A and 10). The Merano High Mountain Trail now branches into the Schnalstal Valley with a view of Venosta Valley and Reinhold Messner’s Juval Castle. The crossing to Innerunterstell (1,470 m a.s.l), high up over the impressive Senales gorge, is one of the most interesting parts of the day. We continue past the forest (1505 m a.s.l) and Kopfron (1436 m a.s.l). After Wandhof farm, the trail drops down to a rift only to rise once again to the left, up to the mountain shoulder at Unterperfl (1,417 m a.s.l) with its spectacular views. The trail divides soon after this and the Merano High Mountain Trail leaves the mountain village of Monte S. Caterian/Katharinaberg (1,245 m a.s.l) with its church and stunning location on the left and continues along the forest slope above the village. After a section on the level, the trail leads upwards again as far as the driveway to Montfert (1,471 m a.s.l), a listed and particularly charming farmhouse and outhouse in a desirable location. And, apparently it’s the last one for a while. Directly after this, we follow the path across steep arid slopes with hardy vegetation and, passing through meadows along a gently rising and falling path, we arrive at a prominent turn off to the right into the Pfossental Valley. The trail continues downwards through an extended steep forest (Attention! The channels sometimes fill with sudden rockfall even without precipitation). After Infangl, we come close to the road but remain to the right of it and guide our steps gradually upwards towards our destination for the day: Vorderkaser and the Jägerrast Inn (1,693 m a.s.l), an inn at the end of the public road that is very popular with hikers and day trippers.

Description to arrive at destination

Naturno/Naturns - cable car Unterstell


near the cable car Unterstell, free, unguarded

Public transport

with the SAD busto Compacio/Kompatsch

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