Telemark skiing ...

Would you like to try the thrill of a special experience? A completely different technique, sliding lightly and lively on the wide slopes of our glacier slide ...
specialized instructors will gladly teach you the Telemark skiing, the oldest style of skiing, or work with you on the technique of the "perfect energetic kneefall".

Learn with us the technique of "the perfect energetic kneefall"

Price per hour:

from 09.00 am - 16.00 pm - € 49,00 for 1 person

€ 15,00 for every additional person

One hour of lesson takes 55 minutes.

Due to the actual COVID-19 situation the skischool Schnalstal Valley reserves the right to change the rates, if necessary, at short notice!

For the booking of a private Telemark lesson please call us (+39 0473 662170 / 329 5942992 ) or write us an E-Mail:
Ski School Schnalstal Valley
Tel.: +39 329 5942992