On the "Unterer Wiesenweg" from Prissiano to Tesimo

General description

Easy to walk, almost flat and paved connection from Prissiano to Tesimo. Suitable for push chairs, illuminated at night.

Route description

From the car park in Prissiano village centre (near the Raiffeisen bank) follow the main road towards Tesimo for approx. 150 m, heading slightly uphill as far as the bus stop. Here branch off to the right and follow the road to Prissiano children’s playground. Now continue straight ahead, past the farm bakery and the primary school to the children’s playground and Tesimo home for the elderly. Next turn off to the left and then straight on uphill, past the bakery to the main road. Here turn right towards the centre of Tesimo with its parish church (Maria Himmelfahrt/Church of the Assumption), which, among other things, is home to magnificent stained-glass windows from the Augsburg School dating from 1520. The entire Unterer Wiesenweg is illuminated and thus also good to walk on at night. The Oberer Wiesenweg (not illuminated) could be used for the return route (see previous suggested hike). 


Free parking in the center of Prissian at the fire station.

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