On the "Oberer Wiesenweg" from Tesimo to Prissiano

General description

Easy hike from Tesimo to Prissiano with a wonderful view of the Tisner Mittelgebirge mountain range 

Route description

From Tesimo Parish Church take the main road towards Prissiano for approx. 200 m until you come to a large wooden cross, known as the “Hohes Kreuz”. Now turn right uphill, following the signposts for “Oberer Wiesenweg” and trail no. 13, until the main road turns to the left at the highest point (the Tirolerhof is a few metres straight ahead). There is a wonderful view of the Tisner Mittelgebirge mountain range and eye-catching views of Castel Katzenzungen. Now head steeply downhill towards Prissiano. A small asphalt track soon branches off to the right above a barn (signpost “Prissiano/Oberer Wiesenweg”). Take this trail, which briefly turns somewhat steeper, along the trench of the Prissiano stream between the houses and into the centre of Prissiano to the Raiffeisen bank. The Unterer Wiesenweg, which is illuminated at night, is suitable for the return journey.

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