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Circular Hike via Nalles and Sirmiano di Sotto/Untersirmian

General description

Moderately difficult circular route via Nalles/Nals according to Sirmiano/Sirmian - condition required

Route description

From the car park in Prissiano village centre (near the Raiffeisen bank) turn left up the main road for approx. 150 m to the bus stop. Next turn right and right again - following the heather signs and trail no. 1 - between the houses first of all down into a small valley and then right again following the signs for trail no. 2 briefly uphill. Now head steadily downhill, to begin with briefly on the tarmac road, then after the pond on a lovely forest track on the left-hand side of the road (Kuhweg, trail no. 2). 50 minutes from the village centre to the Casaccio/Pfeffersburg ruins, and a further 15 minutes on the old Plattenweg to Nalles. Continue along Vicolo dell'Oro into the centre of Nalles and along the Nachtigallenweg trail (starts right by the confectioner’s shop) and trail no. 9 past Castel Bavaro/Payersberg up to Sirmiano di Sotto. From here turn right on hiking trail no. 10 towards Grissiano, initially on a good path to the stream, steep on the other side, then on a good track again, past Mair am Turm farm, to the road. Follow this trail to the right into the valley and just above the Saxiller Keller turn left onto trail no. 12A through a residential area and back to Prissiano. From Nalles, alternatively you can take the bus back to Prissiano.

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