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Percorso circolare fino a Grissiano e Sirmiano

General description

Circular hike to the idyllic hamlets of Grissiano/Grissian and Sirmiano di Sopra/Obersirmian with its Romanesque churches and beautiful viewpoints

Route description

Starting from the car park in Prissiano village centre (near the Raiffeisen bank) turn right over the old wood-covered stone bridge and immediately right uphill from the chapel (trail marked no. 8). Now turn right for a short while up the road leading to Grissiano and at the first fork right again and uphill towards the Waldsteig (forest track) and trail no. 12. Here, in the south-western corner of the development, is where the Waldsteig begins. Follow this moderate uphill climb for approx. 1 hour and you will reach the Grissianerhof and Schmiedlhof (refreshment stops). Next head right along the main road for approx. 300 m until the broad, gravel farm track to the St. Jakob's Church branches off to the left. This trail was created as a “contemplative trail on the seven sacraments”. After approx. 15 minutes you will reach the foot of the hill on which the Romanesque St. Jakob's Church stands. Now walk in a westerly direction along the broad forest track following the signs for trail no. 8, and in around 50 minutes you will reach the St. Apollonia Church in Sirmiano di Sopra/Obersirmian (refreshment stops). Continue along trail no. 9 for 30 minutes down to Sirmiano di Sotto/Untersirmian. Now turn left onto trail no. 10 on a good path to the stream, which is steep on the other side, then continue on a good track to the junction below a group of farms. Here, either turn left on trail 10A and 8 back to the Schmiedlhof or right on trail 10 onwards through Mair am Turm farm and for a little way down the road (signposted trail no. 8) until just above the Saxiller Keller where trail 12A leads to the left back to the residential area and onwards to Prissiano.

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