From the Passo Palade (1518m) to the Monte Luco/Laugen (2433m)

General description

Very worthwhile hike to the Monte Luco/Großer Laugen (2433m). Level of difficulty: moderate - fitness and sure-footedness necessary

Route description

Take the service bus / car to the Passo Palade. From here (entrance by the southern section of the roadside parking spaces) follow the signs for trail 10A, and subsequently trail no. 10 to the Laugenalm (managed in summer); duration: a good hour. Next follow trail 10 and the signs for Laugen/Luco up to the crest (approx. 40 minutes). Here either follow trail 133 straight on on a 10-minute detour to the idyllic Lago del Luco lake in the dip between the two mountain summits of Monte Luco and Piccolo Luco, or turn left directly along the ridge to the summit (signposted no. 10). Unique panorama. Descend back to the Laugenalm on trails 8A and then 10A, along the overall less exposed ridge to the west. Duration: a good hour. Now either descend as per the ascent or briefly follow track no. 10 downhill and then take the unnumbered forest road at a leisurely pace back down the mountain to the Passo Palade.

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