Snowshoe hike from Ötzgatter to the Stone cairns

A snowshoe hike through the snow-covered nature

General description
A challenging snowshoe hike to the " Stone cairns" with a spectacular view of the surrounding snowy mountain world awaits you.

Route description

Start parking lot Kircheben: Follow path no. 15 past the Sattlerhütte and on to the Möltner Kaser. From there follow path no. 28 and then path no. 23A to the Omini di pietra.

description to arrive at destination

If you come by car from Brennero, take the motorway A22 until the exit "Bolzano Sud. Here you can take the highway MEBO in direction to Merano until you reach the exit of Terlano. At Terlano begins the mountain road to Meltina. You can also take the MEBO exit of Vilpiano and take the cable car to Salonetto/Meltina.
From Meltina drive in direction to Sattlerhütte to the car park "Ötzgatter" (the forest road has been open since 15 December until 15 March)

Parking Ötzgatter - below the Sattlerhütte (open from 15 december until 15 march)
Public transport

Public Transportation: Terlano - Meltina: 204

The Ötzgatter car park is not accessible by public transport.

It may be possible to get to Mölten by public transport and take the shuttle Annemarie Tel. 3450524007 to the Ötzgatter car park.


Snowshoes and good footwear recommended

Snowshoes to hire:

Tourist Office Meltina
Via Möltner 1, Meltina, Tel. +39 0471 668282

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