Castel Katzenzungen in Prissian/Prissiano

Castel Katzenzungen was first mentioned in 1244 when it was owned by Henricus de Cazenzunge. Between the 16th and the 18th Century, the castle had its golden age when it was owned by the Lords von Breisach, who originally came from Alsace. Then, it was one of the most elegant aristocratic residences in the country. With the extinction of this dynasty, the Renaissance sastle was transformed into farming area and was only renovated after the Pobitzer family from Meran bought the grounds in 1978. For some years, Castel Katzenzungen with its magnificent rooms, panelled Renaissance lounges, the black smoking kitchen and the arched ceiling cellars has been used once again for its original purpose, which is that of a „summer residence“. The programme features in particular cultural and gastronomic events.

In front of the castle, below the stone bridge leading to the castle entrance, the largest and probably oldest vine in the world thrives. According to the latest scientific findings, the white wine vine "Versoaln" is at least 360 years old and its 300 m² canopy of foliage springs from only one rootstock.

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Getting There Quiet location; located between Merano (approx. 15 km) and Bolzano/Bozen (16 km) in the small Tyrolean village of Prissiano/Prissian; the castle is easily accessible the whole year round

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