St. Hippolyt Church in Naraun

This small, old Romanesque church dedicated to a relatively unknown patron saint is situated on a scenic and unique basalt hill above the Etschtal Valley (Val d'Adige) in Narano.

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Getting There From Lana di Sotto/Niederlana Parish Church, follow Brandisweg until you pass Gutshof Brandis beyond Ackpfeif. Turn right at Schuhgrabenhof, crossing the Palade/Gampenstraße (Leone/Leonburg, thirteenth century), passing Silacker (prehistoric settlement site) until you find Saint-Hippolyte church on a rocky hilltop. To return: take Trail No 5 to Palade (near the tunnel), head in the direction of Tesimo/Tisens to Gruberkeller, Ackpfeif and Lana or road No. 8 to Foiana/Völlan.

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