Place of Spiritual Energy St. Hippolyt in Naraun/Narano

The hill of St. Hippolyt in Naraun, a fraction of the municipality of Tisens/Tesimo, forms the highest point of the plateau. Due to its striking appearance and its breathtaking panoramic view, it is not only a popular destination for excursions, but has also radiated a special atmosphere on people since time immemorial. 

The first traces of settlement date back to the Neolithic Age, i.e. the 4th millennium BC. Since that time, the hill has been continuously settled or at least visited. In addition to small finds such as arrowheads, knives, garment clasps and various tools, numerous house foundations and an Iron Age fire sacrifice site from the 4th-2nd century BC have been found, giving us insight into the life and cults of the former inhabitants.

The numerous circular shells cut into the rock, so-called shell stones, still pose a mystery to us, and their function has not yet been clarified. Also puzzling is the scoring of a beautiful spiral that is hardly visible today. It is located on a rock slab ground smooth by the glacier near the pond at the foot of the hill (Narauner Weiher), directly on the path to the hill of St. Hippolyt. 

Today, the little church of St. Hippolyt, first mentioned in 1288 but certainly older, dominates the hilltop. It shows how much this place retained its mystical attraction for people even in Christian times, although other rituals took hold. 
One of these important rituals was certainly the weather ringing, the task of which the sacristan of St. Hippolyt had to fulfil. During heavy summer thunderstorms, however, the exposed nature of the hill repeatedly led to accidents, which is why the church of St. Hippolyt was nicknamed "Zum bösen Segen" ("To the evil blessing"). As late as 1925, a sacristan couple was killed by lightning, which is commemorated by a memorial plaque inside the church. 

Whether due to the lonely location of the sparsely overgrown hill, its long history or the vastness that can be seen here, there is no doubt that the hill of St. Hippolyt in Naraun with its church possesses a special aura that invites people to inner contemplation and makes it a place of spiritual energy. 
It is also for this reason that the path of reflection to the Luminous Rosary and in memory of Pope John Paul II was built in 2010, leading from the car park at the foot of the hill to the church.
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