Wehrburg Castle in Prissian/Prissiano

Wehrburg Castle was built during the 13th century and was owned for more than five centuries by the Lords von Andrian-Wehrburg whose dynasty was extinct in 1798. In 1520 the castle was renovated without changing the original building structure in any major way. The castle still contains some old stoves (16th and 19th Centuries). It is assumed that the present castle chapel was built during the 15th Century. It is consecrated to Saint Erasmus and contains a remarkable fresco, as well as a high-quality pieta from the time around 1420. A Hungarian count, Albert von Eperjessey, k.u.k.-messenger in Teheran, bought the Wehrburg and started some extensive renovations. In 1957, Hermann Holzner, the Mohrenwirt of Prissian bought the Wehrburg and changed it into a hotel.

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Getting There Quiet location; located between Merano (approx. 15 km) and Bolzano/Bozen (16 km) in the small Tyrolean village of Prissiano/Prissian; the castle is easily accessible the whole year round

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