Fahlburg Castle in Prissian/Prissiano

The Fahlburg Castle, originally „Tower of Vall“, was built during the 13th Century and owned by the Lords von Zobel. After the extinction of this family, there were some disputes over its ownership amongst the heirs. It is said that the minnesinger Oswald von Wolkenstein was kept captive by Barbara Jäger in the „Vall“, where he wrote songs and lamented bitterly about the tortures. In 1597, Jakob Andrä von Brandis bought the „Fahlburg“. The re-building work for changing the fortress into a Renaissance castle finished in 1640. Today, it is owned by Count Jakob von Brandis, a descendant of the dynasty of the counts von Brandis. The castle still hosts old tiled stoves, wooden ceilings and paintings by the Barouque painter Stefan Kessler. The castle‘s chapel has two levels and the sanctuary is consecrated. Today, events such asweddings, conferences, concerts etc. are arranged.

After over 400 years in family ownership, the castle was sold to the Athesia Group in 2021, whose founder in South Tyrol, Canon Michael Gamper, was born and raised in the immediate vicinity. The castle has been carefully restored since 2023.

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Getting There Quiet location; located between Merano (approx. 15 km) and Bolzano/Bozen (16 km) in the small Tyrolean village of Prissiano/Prissian; the castle is easily accessible the whole year round

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