Lebenberg Castle

Castel Lebenberg is one of the most beautiful castles in Burggrafenamt, built in the 13th century. By the lords of Marling. Very extensive castle complex of late gothic castle chapel with valuable frescoes including some from the 14th century. Picturesque courtyards, French Ornamental Garden, Hall of Mirrors in the rococo style and knights hall with a large figure pedigree of the Counts of Fuchs, 1426 to its extinction in 1828 the owner of the castle, now since 1925 in the possession of the van Rossem van Sinoutskerke family, Farmer room with Gothic farm furniture and armory.

Above the village of Tscherms towers one of the most beautiful castles of the area: Castel Lebenberg. The landmark of Tscherms is visible from far away and enthroned on a moraine hill. It offers a beautiful view over the Etsch Valley.

The castle was built by the Masters of Marling, which then called themselves the Masters of Lebenberg. Later the Fuchs von Fuchsberg Family gained possession of the castle for nearly 400 years. Nowadays Castle Lebenberg is privately owned and the owners live here full time. Guided tours allow visitors to experience this architectural example of times long gone.

The well preserved castle has a lot to offer for visitors who are interested in arts and history: The 3 story chapel from the 14th century, romantic inner courtyards, a French flower garden, the hall of mirrors in Rococo style, an armoury as well as fully furnished rooms from various epochs and farmers rooms with gothic farmer's furniture are among the many things to see.

Lovers of medieval murals will enjoy the precious gothic frescos which have only recently been discovered.

The imposing complex of buildings from the 13th century is fully preserved to this day and can be visited daily. 

Description to arrive at destination

By car from Lana or Merano to the village centre of Tscherms and further along the Baslinger Straße to Castel Lebenberg.

Public transport
Bus line 211 to Tscherms town hall, then approx. 30 minutes on foot to the castle (somewhat steep walk uphill).
Limited parking spaces!
Schloss Lebenberg is closed this week Mon 08.04. to Sun 14.04.24.
Opening hours: 15 april 2024 - 31 oktober 2024
10:30 - 12:30
14:00 - 16:30
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