Cross country ski run in Walten/Valtina

The cross-country ski run at the bottom of the valley traverses undulating meadows. Devoid of difficult ascents, the long descent runs down a moderate incline.

General description

Thanks to its 3 km length and minimal elevation difference, the Walten cross-country ski run is well suited to both children and learners. However, the trail also attracts more advanced skiers for its fast laps. In just a few minutes, you can reach the trail from Walten/Valtina from where it takes only 10 min to St. Leonhard/S. Leonardo (± 10 km). The cross-country ski run remains open and is free of charge.

Route description

Below the village of Walten/Valtina, the cross-country ski run at the bottom of the valley crosses gentle meadows. Starting at the car park, the trail branches off on a wide loop across the meadow to the left of the valley. It then leads across a bridge to the Stockit Winter Park on the right of the valley before extending into the valley as far as the Hofschenke Auerhof Tavern. The trail leads out of the valley and back in again. The ascent is to a solitary farmstead and back out of the valley after completing a wide arc. Unlike the quick ascent, the return to the starting point is a leisurely glide down a slight gradient.


Source: Heinz Widmann -

Description to arrive at destination

From Meran/Merano to the Passeiertal Valley and Jaufenpass Mountain Pass until Walten/Valtina.


After passing the Stockit Winter Park bridge, there are a number of free parking options.

Safety instructions

On the way to the Hofschenke Auerhof Tavern and back, you need to cross a snow-covered road.

The Hofschenke Auerhof Tavern rents out cross-country ski equipment.
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