Mountain Tour to the Königsjoch Ridge (2,819 m)

General description

On the old, secret smuggler trails at the border

The upper leg of this trip is only for those with a head for heights and sure-footed climbers with good hiking boots. The exposed, rocky section is very steep in parts, and crossing the precipitous gullies can also be slippery and treacherous. Snow can also be found at the top of the steep gullies even until late July and under such circumstances, hiking to the Königsjoch ridge should be postponed.


Starting point: Timmelsjoch mountain pass road at km 22.9

Endpoint: Timmelsjoch mountain pass road at km 22.9

Refreshment stop: Oberglaneggalm pasture

Route description

From the parking lot on the fifth bend on the Timmelsjoch mountain pass road at km 22.9, take the narrow road to reach the Oberglaneggalm pasture on 43a.

From the Oberglaneggalm pasture on the right hand side, follow the track to the slope on trail no. 20. Crossing the neglected Touristensteig path, continue the ascent to the Karboden (a flat and wide pasture). Continue uphill a bit further along the path to the Innere Kar  passing to the right of the Schaferegg. Up to the left, traverse the entire inner slope of the Schaferegg, until the narrow ridge rises upwards. Follow the well-trodden path on the exposed ledge to the main mountain ridge. The trail rises steeply upwards and bends to the left before entering an open stretch along the steep slopes. The steep narrow track passes through some gullies before reaching the Königsjoch ridge on trail no. 20, straddling the border between Italy and Austria. From here, one can enjoy a breath-taking panoramic view of the whole Hochpasseiertal Valley and the Seeber Tal Valley glaciers. If desired, follow the trail into Austria to Obergurgl.

The descent from the Königsjoch ridge must be negotiated with the greatest caution. The first leg leads back into the Inneres Kar basin, toward the Karboden and then down the slope to the Oberglaneggalm pasture on trail no. 20. From there, follow the little road (43a) to the fifth bend nearby.


Source: "Wanderführer Passeiertal " - Heinz Widmann

Description to arrive at destination

From Merano / Meran to the Passeier Valley in direction of Passo Rombo / Moso until the Timmelsjoch mountain pass road at km 22.9.

Parking is available at the Oberglaneggalm parking lot.
Public transport
From mid-June to mid-October the starting point of the hike can be reached from St. Leonhard with the Timmelsbus.
Safety instructions
From the half of the tour the path is quite exposed. On the partly narrow path, surefootedness and a head for heights are a prerequisite. At a passage a little below the Königsjoch the path is secured with steel ropes.
As equipment, good hiking boots, hiking clothing and rain protection are recommended.
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