Hike on the Matatz Spitze Peak (2,264 m)

General description

Easy ascent, beautiful landscape, shady way back

This particular tour offers stunning panoramic views over the entire valley. from time to time, the path gets steep and narrow, but always easy to hike.


Starting point: Ulfas parking lot

Endpoint: Ulfas parking lot

Refreshment stop: Ulfasalm mountain pasture, Pfarrerhütte mountain hut

Route description

From Ulfas parking lot (always on the road heading south), the trail passes the Kratzegg farm, cross the river and enter the valley to the end without much ascent. There the trail crosses the bridge, from her hikers get further into the valley, finally a extended ascent leads to the Ulfasalm mountain pasture. From the bridge to the left, a rather steep path (2a) leads more directly to the pasture.

Above the Ulfasalm mountain pasture, entering the valley (to the south, two bends) one has to ascent the slope (2a); at the intersection briefly to the northeast (2b, equal to no. 3); then eastwards (2b) where hikers reach the fork at the foot of the mountain. From here, hikers turn right (southwards) ascending along the ridge, on fairly steep mountain path up to the Matatz Spitze summit (entire trail no. 7a).

From the Matatz Spitze summit, the way back leads (north, then northeast) on the larger side of the mountain ridge . This way alternates between several steep and several easy sections, first through meadows and finally the forest, finally reaching the Pfarrerhütte mountain hut (7a, then no. 3 ).

From the Pfarrerhütte mountain hut, the trail follows the water canal, called Waal in South Tyrol. At first, the mountain ridge is encircled along a large left turn (to the west, then southwest) through the shady forest to the Ulfasalm mountain pasture (along the Waalweg trail, on older maps: no. 4b). At one point one has to cross a street, then leave the Waalweg water canal trail, to follow an ascent through the woods on the left and descent after a while again (one can’t follow the Waal ditch in this section because it had to be tunneled).

The way back from the Ulfasalm mountain pasture follows the short road to the Ulfas public parking lot.


Source: "Wanderführer Passeiertal " - Heinz Widmann

Description to arrive at destination

From Merano / Meran to the Passeier Valley in direction of Passo Rombo until at Moso / Moos and furtheron to Ulfas (parking place Kratzegg).


Parking is available at the Kratzegg parking lot in Ulfas.
Public transport
There is no public bus to Ulfas. For this tour you need a car to get to the starting point.
Safety instructions
The path is sometimes steep and narrow, but always easy to walk. A light level of fitness is sufficient for this tour.
Good hiking boots, hiking clothing and rain gear are recommended.
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