Hiking to the "Raujochspitz" (2,926 m)

General description

A long climb with a panoramic view

The length and considerable differences in altitude make this a strenuous hike with some really special scenic vistas to be had along the way, especially on the summit. Some sections of the fairly narrow Touristensteig path are exposed and the climb up to the mountain ridge is steep, at times without any signs of a track.


Starting point: Plan/Pfelders

Endpoint: Plan/Pfelders

Refreshment stop: none, bivouac

Route description

Starting at the parking lot in Plan/Pfelders, briefly pass through the village before bending right and head downhill to the Edelweiss Hotel . Cross the bridge on the left and take the right turning to the northwest direction until you reach a grove of larch trees. After passing the next bridge, continue along  trail no. 6a to the top of the hill. From here, avoid descending into the valley but continue instead up the steep slope towards the mountain neck along the winding track passing through a number of tight turns. Then follow (6b) as it bends right towards the ridge along the Kreuzjoch ridge.

Proceed along the ridge before reaching the Touristensteig trail no. 47. Turn to the right northeast, above the "Stierweide" pasture before coming to very steep ridge. After that, the terrain becomes easier. Continue northeast as far as a rocky crag above trail 44. Bend right along the unmarked trail and climb steeply northwards at the nearby mountain neck. Turn right to the east along the wide ridge on trail no. 2 to reach the Rauhesjoch ridge. Alternatively, follow the Touristensteig path and turn just before you get to the ledge on the left before climbing west and then north on the gravel road to reach the ridge (2).

The way down from the Rauhesjoch ridge to Kreuzjoch ridge is on trail 2, 44 & 47.

Having reached Kreuzjoch, return to Plan/Pfleders on 6b and at the end 6a.


Source: "Wanderführer Passeiertal " - Heinz Widmann

Description to arrive at destination

From Merano / Meran to the Passeier Valley in direction of Passo Rombo until Plan / Pfelders.

Parking is available in the large car park (subject to charge) at the beginning of the village of Pfelders.
Public transport
Pfelders can be reached from St. Leonhard every hour all year round.
Safety instructions
his mountain tour requires good physical condition, a head for heights and the highest level of surefootedness. Due to its length and the difference in altitude, this hike is quite strenuous, but rewards the hiker with an incomparable panoramic view already during the ascent and especially at the summit. Some sections of the narrow tourist trail are exposed, the ascent to the saddle is steep and partly pathless. The tourist trail is part of the circular tour "From hut to hut".
Good hiking boots, hiking clothing and rain gear are recommended.
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