Alpine Tour to the Wilder Pfaff - Zuckerhüttl Mountain (3,196 m)

General description
Beautiful alpine tour over eternal ice to the highest refuge in South Tyrol.

Starting point: Timmelsjochstraße km 19.7

End point: Timmelsjochstraße km 19,7

Refreshment stops: Becherhaus, Müllerhütte, Timmelsalm
Route description

From the Timmelsbrücke bridge, on the right-hand side of the valley, follow the road to the Timmelsalm mountain pasture (30). Cross the bridge behind the hut onto the left slope and follow the path until it reaches a high plateau up above. Keep on the left side of the valley and ascend a steep path that leads over the ridge, with the Schwarzsee lake (30) behind it. Follow the western shoreline of the Großer Schwarzsee lake, and head (northeast) to a higher altitude as far as the Schwarzwandscharte ridge, marking the start of the glacier (30). Continue (northwards) along the flat terrain that becomes steeper before flattening out as it crosses the Übeltalferner glacier. The route finally descends into a hollow in the glacier across rocky terrain (northeast) and to the right up to the Müllerhütte mountain hut. Shorter route (bypassing the Müllerhütte): after traversing the glacier for about 800 m, turn right over a well-marked rocky ridge and take the trail to the lower part of the Übertalferner glacier, two thirds of the way (i.e., just in front of the Becherfelsen rock). With hardly any change in elevation vis-à-vis the Müllerhütte, head (eastwards) initially across a rocky section covered in scree, then across the glacier as the terrain slopes to the right to the foot of the nearby Bechergipfel summit. The final stretch of the way to the Becherhaus refuge (visible from a distance) is up several steep steps to the west-facing ridge, before arriving at the top of the Bechergipfel.  The return from the Becherhaus refuge is across the glacier.  From the Müllerhütte, cross over the Übeltalferner glacier to reach the Schwarzsee lake (30); and from there past the Timmelsalm mountain pasture back to the Timmelsbrücke bridge.  

Source: Passeiertal Valley Hiking Guide – Heinz Widmann 


Description to arrive at destination
Coming from Merano into the Passeier Valley to St. Leonhard, continue towards Moos and along the Timmelsjochstraße to the car park to the right of the Timmelsbrücke bridge (km 19,7 on the Timmelsjochstraße).
You can park in the car park to the right of the Timmelsbrücke bridge or directly before the bridge to the left of the road.
Public transport
From mid-June to mid-October, the starting point of the hike can be reached from St. Leonhard by Timmelsbus. For this tour, however, it is advisable to drive to the starting point by car, as you should start the tour early in the morning
Safety instructions
A head for heights, surefootedness, glacier experience and some climbing experience are prerequisites for this high alpine tour. At the Schwarzwandscharte, you should never enter the flat glacier before the obligatory roping up, as there are hidden crevasses right at the beginning. When arranging the rope team, bear in mind that some of the possibly hidden crevasses run in the direction you are walking. The ascent to the Bechergipfel requires special concentration at the end of the tour, as there is a small climbing passage at the beginning. Afterwards, the path runs over several steps along a somewhat exposed ridge to the Becherhaus, where you have to be somewhat careful.
Good glacier equipment is a prerequisite for this partly technically demanding high-altitude tour. Good hiking boots, crampons, ice axe, possibly a helmet, climbing harness and a safety rope are just as essential as normal hiking clothing as well as rain and sun protection.
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