Mountain Tour to the Seespitze (2,434 m)

General description
Beautiful summit tour with beautiful summit cross.

Starting point: Wanser Hof

End point: Wanser Hof

Refreshment stop: Gasthof Auerhof
Route description

From the Wanser Hof parking lot skirt the edge of the forest (15) passing the Sailer Hof farm on the left. Then cross a bridge over the river and follow the farm road (southwards) for about 1 km into the valley (12, 15). Turn left over the stream (north-east, then southeast) and continue along the forest road to the Seebergalm mountain pasture, before reaching the Seebergsee mountain lake higher up (15). From there, proceed northeast along the small trail (15) as it bends to the left over a steep ridge covered in alpine roses. Continue (southwards) along the right-hand slope roughly 200 meters below the summit and cross over a steep mountain meadow to reach the imposing cross on the top. To return, follow the same route back down to Seebergsee lake (15), then via the Seebergalm, and through the Sailertal valley to the Wanserhof farm parking lot (15,12). 

Source: Passeiertal Valley Hiking Guide – Heinz Widmann 


Description to arrive at destination
Coming from Merano into the Passeier Valley to St. Leonhard, continue in the direction of the Jaufen Pass until you reach the village of Walten. After Walten turn right along a small road into the valley until you reach Wanser Hof.
Parking is possible in the parking lot at the Wanser Hof.
Public transport
The village of Walten can be reached from St. Leonhard by public bus several times a day.
Safety instructions
A light physical condition is sufficient for this tour. A little surefootedness for the last part below the summit is ideal.
As equipment, good hiking shoes, hiking clothing and rain protection are recommended.
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